A Complete Guide to Buy the Best Screen Printing Machine

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In spite of having several printing alternatives, screen printing, an ancient printing technique, is dominating the world of printing still now. This most popular printing method requires a simple printing device and minimum expertise. You will find a lot of screen printing machines in the market of different brands and models. You may pick up the best one from numerous models if you follow a well-guided checklist. This article will guide you on how to find out the best screen printing machine based on some indicators like cost, size, durability etc.

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Screen Printing Machine Cost

Cost is an important issue to be considered before purchasing a screen printer. You will find screen printing machines of different price in the market. From them, selecting one within the budget with quality is a great challenge. If you wish to have a screen printer with advanced options and high productivity then it is obvious that your budget should be higher. On the other hand, for start-up level business, you may select screen printers within medium to low prices. You will find many screen printers for beginners in the market.
There is a trend in the price of screen printers. With the increase of the number of colour stations price increases. For example, Superland 4 colour 4 station screen printing machine cost $309.99 while Ridegeyard 4 colour 1 station screen printer costs only $152.99.

The versatility of Screen Printing machine

You can get high-quality printing on different materials like glass, fabric or metal with a screen printing machine. If you need printing on multiple types of materials you should opt for a screen printer that can fulfil your purpose. Different models are available in the market among which some are expert in certain types of screen printing. For example, Superland 4 colour 4 stations screen printer is really efficient in flat printing.

Colour Handling Capacity

Screen printers are efficient in handling single or multiple colour printing. With the increase in the number of stations, the capacity of multitasking of a screen printer increase. For example, Superland 4 colour 4 stations screen printing press has the capability of printing 4 colours simultaneously. Screen printers can handle 4 to 8 colours. Some brands are capable of providing excellent output and handling multiple colours. For professional use, you should select this type of screen printers.
So, choose a screen printer which can handle printing tasks of varying colour easily. It will help you to achieve a good turnaround from your screen printing business.

The Lifespan of a Screen Printing Machine

As a user or businessman, your natural tendency would be to select a model of a screen printing machine whose lifespan would be longer to achieve sufficient benefit or profit from it. Though the lifespan of a machine depends largely on the mode of use and maintenance, you can assess the usual lifespan of a screen printer if you collect information from the market.

The Warranty While Purchasing a Screen Printing Machine

While purchasing a screen printing machine keep an eye on warranty or guarantee period provided by the manufacturer or seller. Warranty conditions are not the same for all sellers. You should choose a brand which provides a warranty for a long time with flexible warranty conditions. It will lessen your hassle in the post-purchase period.


Some screen printing machines are easy to carry anywhere and some are not. If you need to change your working place very frequently, then it is reasonable to choose a screen printer which can be carried easily. But, if your printing business does not demand any shifting of screen printing equipment then you may choose heavy screen printing machines too.


If you closely observe the available screen printers of the market then you will find that most of them have an all-metal construction with advanced electrostatic spraying and electroplating. It saves the product from rust generation. Select a durable screen printing machine so that it runs over the years with minimum maintenance requirement.

Space Consumption

There are some screen printing machines which requires a large operating space and may not fit at your workplace. Some models have table type combinatorial design which is space efficient. For no space restriction, you may opt for free-standing type screen printer. They are easy to handle and efficient in printing.So, be careful while selecting a specific model and be ensured about the required space of the screen printer.


Perfect screen printing depends on several factors. But, the role of the printer is prime here. A well-designed screen printing machine can give you perfect, precise, and lively output. To find out the best performing screen printing machine of the market you may analyze the reviews and ratings of products from online purchasing platforms like Amazon. High-productivity, maintaining a consistency in the quality of printing is very important in screen printing business because without it client satisfaction is not possible in any way and it is directly related to your profit margin in the business. So, if you wish to achieve an animated printing and fast output, then choose a screen printer having such qualities.

Work Volume

For the beginners and mid-level business purposes, printing output requirement is not so high in number. But, for pro-level screen printing, you must be choosy as you are going to face additional workload from the clients on different occasions. Moreover, bringing variation in screen printing work you may make yourself demandable in the market.

Mode of Printing

There are two types of screen printing machines available in the market. Automatic and manual. Manual type screen printers are efficient in handling small orders but they are labour and time intensive. They are also incapable of handling huge workloads with a huge variation in colour. In that case, you may take the assistance of an automatic type screen printing machine. They are fast, maintains consistency, and expert in precise printing. But, automatic printers are comparatively higher in price than manual screen printers. For example, you can get a 4 colour 1 station screen printing press at a price as low as $150 while an LTA-5060 automatic screen printing machines cost$30000-60000 per set.

A screen printing machine may aid you in establishing a business sitting at your home. You may also think for making it bigger. But, all that you need is the perfect selection of the screen printing machine. From a lot of variations of product and brands, you may get confused. If you follow the above-discussed points and collect some information from the market, you will be able to select the best screen printing machine for your business. And proper selection here will ensure you a better product which will end with a better profit margin and of course a nice printing experience.

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