ZENY Heat Press Machine 12″ x 15″ Pro 6 in 1 Combo Heat Press Digital Shirt Printing Press  T-shirt Sublimation Printer

 Overview of the ZENY Heat Press Reviews Pro 6in1 Combo Heat Press Machine Sublimation Printer

This ZENY Heat Press machine is for more professional t-shirt printing machine to use as its use is diversified. The heating plate of the t-shirt heat press machine is thicker and evenly distributed heat on the flat surface is achieved.


ZENY Heat Press Reviewsheat press machine reviews  

Machine price

The current price of the heat press machine at Amazon is reasonable with free shipping. The manufacturer provides 6 months warranty from the time of purchase.

Details of  ZENY Heat Press  

This ZENY t-shirt sublimation printer is the best heat press machine for t-shirts. This digital t-shirt heat press machine has efficiency nearer to a digital t-shirt printing machine. This professional t-shirt heat press has built with a heat plate of 15″x11.5″ and its adjustable height is 13.5 inch to 17 inches. This cheap heat press machine comes with the selectable Fahrenheit and Celsius scale. The adjustable multi-spring balancers of the ZENY digital t-shirt heat press helps to distribute pressure to be more evenly across the entire platen. To maintain flatness, you are getting a  4/5″ thick heating board that supports to heat evenly. The Brand new heat press 6 in 1 comb is packed with an upgraded aluminum alloy cradle of the mug elements. The size of the ZENY t-shirt Heat Press sublimation printer is compact and lightweight as compared to standard mug cradles

 best Heat Press Machine Digital T-Shirt printer

Package Details        

Each package contains a fully assembled t-shirt printing machine with 1 hat press, 2 mug presses, 2 plate presses, 1 silicone pad, 1 cotton pad and a manual.

Main Features ZENY T-shirt Heat Press 

  • This t-shirt printing machine has a voltage requirement of 110V with US grounded plug and 900W power.
  • Machine temperature may rise up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Optimum heating time is within 10 to 15 minutes. Cord length is 4.5 feet.
  • It is available in black color.
  • It has 4/5″ thick heating board and even heating system exists.
  • It is available with upgraded aluminium alloy cradle.
  • Options for selecting any temperature scale from Fahrenheit and Celcius.
  • Contains an adjustable multi-spring balancer.
  • Heating up is very fast.
  • Offers the scope of printing mugs by detached cradles which is compact and lightweight than other mug cradles.

 Customer Feedback ZENY  Digital T-shirt printer

This heat press machine is used for different material printing purposes. As it heats up very quickly it requires extra attention and it is advisable to follow the temperature range for each type of material. 56% of users gave the five-star rating at Amazon after using this product.

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